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Welcome to The Gold Mine Ranch reviewed by our guests as the best horseback riding adventure in Aruba We take you on the horseback riding experience of a lifetime visiting beaches on the northeast coast and the Hidden Valley Lagoon Ride with us and embark on a journey to over seven spots on a fun and safe horseback adventure to enjoy with friends

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The region also highlights a significant part of Aruba s history encompassing gold mill ruins of the yesteryears alongside agricultural plantations hilltops caves beaches Aruba wetlands and many more Eco tours Aruba offers reasonable packages and takes you to beautiful sight seeing places in and around Aruba Nature Tours Arikok National Park The National Park is the

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Touring Aruba s rugged north coast the ruins of the Bushiribana Gold Mill built in 1874 is a remnant of Aruba s gold rush that began in 1824 when a 12 year old sheep herder found some flecks was one of our favorite stops The dramatic setting along the beach with the pounding surf and surrounded by desert is beautiful and very photogenic Our teenage kids loved climbing

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Experience remnants of Aruba s gold history at various sites throughout the island including gold mines and gold mills Now known as Aruba a colourful history of gold prospectors has shaped the island s history dating back to the 1400s and 1500s when adventurers roved the Caribbean for wealth and treasure

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This excursion begins at the Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins the last vestiges of the once vibrant mill built in the late 1800s to process the gold ore extracted from the hills nearby You ll have ample time to explore the ruins set against the backdrop of the surrounding rugged terrain and the stunning Caribbean Sea—the perfect photo opportunity The tour will proceed to the

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Balashi Gold Mill Ruins Built at the tip of the Spanish Lagoon across from The Frenchman Pass the once bustling Balashi Gold Mill turned into a ghost town in 1985 with the shut down of the island s gold refinery The remains of the mill still exist and the grounds are also famous for being haunted Black Stone Beach Lined with tiny shimmery black stones Black Stone Beach is

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Gold Mill Ruins Near Frenchman s Pass a once breathtaking Gold Mill full of treasure hunters stands lonely in one of the most beautiful parts of Aruba For centuries thousands of adventurers visited the Island in search of gold The most astonishing one ever found was Oro Ruba or red gold which was later coined to Aruba

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Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins Während einer Inselrundfahrt mit AGW Tours haben wir die Ruinen besichtigt Keine Riesen Anlage aber toll gelegen an der wilden Küste von Aruba Der Aufstieg in die Ruine kann sehr gemütlich von der linken Seite erfolgen aber auch sehr anspruchsvoll durch den Eingang Das hat uns im Vorfeld natürlich niemand gesagt

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Historia di Aruba Gold In 1725 the first exploration was done to the presence of mineral ores on Curaçao and the dependent islands of Bonaire and Aruba The Amsterdam Chamber the Head Office of the Dutch West India Company sent out a certain Paulus Printz to the islands who was to perform soil research under the title of director

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 · Bushiribana Ruins In 1872 the Aruba Island Gold mining Company Ltd built a large smelting works at Bushiribana on the North coast for the gold that was being mined at Seroe Plat and in its surroundings Although the smelting works were only in use for 10 years the construction was so solid that the impressive ruins still remain One can walk into the ruins

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 · As a result there were a few gold mills built around the island Still partially standing today these ruins offer an insight into the gold rush history of the island With 3 million pounds of gold found on the island there s every chance something is left to be found at Bushiribana and Balashi ruins in Aruba 21 Get a 360 degree view from California

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Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins In the 1400s and 1500s adventurers traveled throughout the Caribbean in search of wealth and treasure According to legend Aruba s name comes from Oro Ruba which means red gold In 1824 gold was finally discovered in Aruba and the industry produced more than 3 million pounds of gold The abandoned gold mill once processed ore

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1824 that the Gold fever caught on in Aruba after the discovery of gold ore by a young herder in the nearby hills of Rooi Fluit After the right to dig for gold in Aruban soil was taken from the public in 1854 it first exchanged hands between several companies The Bushiribana Gold Mill was finally built in 1874 by the English Aruba Island Gold Mining Company The fort like

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Touring Aruba s rugged north coast the ruins of the Bushiribana Gold Mill built in 1874 is a remnant of Aruba s gold rush that began in 1824 when a 12 year old sheep herder found some flecks was one of our favorite stops The dramatic setting along the beach with the pounding surf and surrounded by desert is beautiful and very

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 · Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins the remnants of a former gold mill built from the natural stone in the 19 th century The mill was built by the Aruba Island Gold Mining Company for the purpose of extracting gold from the ore mined in the nearby hills You will learn from your guide about the 19 th century Gold rush in Aruba and the pirates that used to hide in the

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Visit the ruins of the Natural Bridge a fascinating rock formation that collapsed in 2022 Enter the Cave Pool where you can brave a jump off the rocks or just enjoy a fun swimming experience See the Ayo rock formations Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins and the California Lighthouse Enjoy a refreshing dip in the sea around the Arashi Beach area at the end of your tour

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By Jeep you will drive through Arikok National park and visit Aruba s most famous Natural pool Conchi where swimming and snorkeling is offered Weather Permitting After your National Park adventure board your UTV and drive along the north coast of the island You will visit the Wariruri Bridge Bushiribana Gold Mill ruins Cave pool Boca Chapel of Alto Vista On this

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Organized jeep tours routes vary but many will stop at the California Lighthouse charming Alto Vista chapel the Bushiribana gold mill ruins collapsed Natural Bridge snaking through backroads to the Guadirikiri caves finishing off at one of Aruba s pristine beaches Other enticing attractions for groups include underwater submarine tours

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Balashi Gold Mills Ruins Bushiribana and Balashi are the sites of two former gold smelters on the Caribbean island of Aruba The Bushiribana smelter was built in 1825 by the Aruba Island Gold Mining Company to extract gold from the ore that was being mined in the nearby hills of Ceru Plat It operated for ten years

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This compact introduction to Aruba features a variety of attractions to pique your interests See the Baby Natural Bridge Natural Bridge Ruins the Bushiribana Gold Mills Ruins which are a shining example of Aruba s 19th century history tranquil Alto Vista Chapel and the picture postcard icon the recently renovated California Lighthouse

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